Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bourbon & Balls Two Day One

What can I say?   We made to Bardstown, Kentucky," Bourbon Capital of the World" .    We played golf, we ate some southern cooking and drank some bourbon.

The Cork and Bottle in Covington was closed at  10:30am on Easter Sunday morning and you'd think you could buy a bottle of hooch when you need one.

There were some early casualties, due to premature consumption.

There was golf.  Bad golf, but golf.    

Check out the brown fairways at the Old Kentucky Home State Park. It's April, and spring time is in full swing, dogwood and redbud trees are in full bloom and the fairways are already  browned out.  Really, really dry here.

And we ate.  Contining in the Stroker and Ayce tradition of eating our across the south, we dined at Kurtz' Restaurant in Bardstown.   Southern cooking and hospitality at it's finest  and family owned since the 1930s.
Check out the video: Kurtz Restaurant - Small Town Flavor

 We had dinners of country ham, fried chicken, kale greens with pot likker to be sopped, green beans cooked like grandma did with bacon and fried johnny cakes too.

Some of the crew finished dinner with the biscuit-based bread pudding with a bourbon & raisin sauce that had them  moaning for more.  

Tomorrow, we are off to Kentucky Cooperage, Makers Mark and more badly played golf.    Sure beats the hell out of work.

Bourbon and Balls 2 April 2014

Testing doing the blog from my phone.

Ayce is tripping without Stroker this time.   Golf and Bourbon in Kentucky this week.

Stay tuned for the stupid stuff.