Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shop Tours....Woodys Hot Rodz and Brookville Roadster

We got to visit a couple of very interesting shops today Woody's Hot Rodz and Brookville Roadster.

Both shops can recreate the automotive past.  Woody's builds new 1955 and 1957 Chevies and Brookville makes parts for and builds 1930's Fords.  Who knew in the year 2013, if you have enough money, that you could buy a better than brand new 85 year old Ford or a 60 year old Chevrolet.

Both shops hosted the Good Guys Cruise to Columbus rodders today and showed us how they build the new-old cars.

Here are some pictures from Woody's Hot Rods and their Tri-Five building operations.

 And some pictures from Brookville Roadsters.

Sorry -  Brookville Roadsters does not allow pictures of their manufacturing and assembly operations,  so this is all you get.  

Another reason to love Chevys and distrust Fords.

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