Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Final Preparation - HRPT 2011

Strokr pulls his Vette into his garage for a final look over before we leave tomorrow on the first leg of our road trip to join the Hot Rod Power Tour at Cocoa Beach, FL.

A change of the speedometer gear for the new trans should allow us to to see how fast we are actually traveling.  Before the change the speedometer was reading about 10 mph lower than actual speed.   Now we have a better chance of keeping our $$$ in our pockets and points off of our licenses when we run thru Smokey's radar traps.

Ayce got checked out for driving the Vette tonight.  If I can learn to get off of the clutch quicker, I will be able to keep Strokr from chewing off my right ear with instructions.   I have never driven a car with as much torque and horsepower as this 383 c.i. powered Vette.    Quite a change from the econoboxes I usually drive.

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