Sunday, May 22, 2011

Strokr n' Ayce

About 10 days until we take off to start the 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour.

Just a couple of words on the origin of the pseudonyms that are being used to blur the identify of the parties involved.

The owner of the 1989 Corvette identified himself on a Hot Rod Power Tour forum as "Strokr" (the loss of the -e- will be explored later). His modified Corvette is running a stroked motor (among other go fast goodies)

As Wikipedia explains a stroker motor:

A Stroker kit is an aftermarket assembly that increases the displacement of a reciprocating
by increasing the travel of the piston (that is, the piston moves
further up and/or down in the cylinder). This is done by using a different
where the crank pin is moved further away from the center of the axis of
rotation of the crankshaft. While this increases displacement and
torque it can
potentially lower the limit to which the motor can rev safely compared to the
stock configuration

It follows that if Strokr is diving the Vette, than an a ace needs to ride along as co-pilot and since creative spellings are the rage around here - Ayce it becomes.

Harking back to one of the classic bad movies of the 1980's, Burt Reynold's Stroker Ace. A wonderfully bad movie about fast cars, Nascar racing and southern stereotypes.

Wikipedia has this to say about Stroker Ace.

The film was both a commercial and critical bomb. It received five
Golden Raspberry Award nominations including Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Actress (Anderson) and Worst New Star (also for Anderson), winning one for Jim Nabors as Worst Supporting Actor.
Stroker Ace also got a 14% fresh rating on
Rotten Tomatoes based on 14 reviews.[3]

There you have it. Bad spelling, bad movies and bad ass cars. Ten days and counting until we join the 7 day, 2100 mile long car show and festival that is the Hot Rod Power Tour.
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