Friday, May 27, 2011

Leave the suitcase at home.

 Chevrolet claims 6.8 cubic feet of luggage space in the 1989 Corvette convertible.  That may be true if you count a couple of hidden cubby-holes, the glove box and the space under the seats.  As seen in these photos, the usable luggage space is much smaller and not easy to get to.

Doing the math, calculates to 3.8 cubic feet of space behind the seats on the '89 Vette soft top.  Equal to two airline carry-on bags .  If  --  big if --if you could manage to get the carry-on bags behind the seat. So, Strokr n' Ayce  will be packing light for our Hot Rod Power Tour trip.

 Think backpacking, but with 400 horsepower.  

The order of the day is bring few clothes, and fit them in a small duffel bag.  We still need to have room for a tool box, our electronic gear and a snack or two.
Picking up any HRPT swag at the events or souvenirs along the way will mean a trip to the post office to mail them home, rather than taking them with us.

Maybe we will try to befriend the guy in the 1969 Buick Electra 225...he has a trunk you could put a few bodies into and still have room for a case of beer. 

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