Saturday, July 13, 2013

American Pride and Thank You Veterans

At noon today ,  at the Good Guys PPG Nationals everything stopped for a few minutes as the public address announcer asked every one to take a minute to remember the men and women who have served and are currently serving our nation in the Armed Forces.

Thousands of people stood, removed their hats and bowed their heads ..and listened and remembered as our National Anthem was played through out the Fairground.

A lot of Hot Rodding is about our veterans and the times that they have lived through.   Early Hot Rodders were the recently discharged veterans of WWII.    They came home, and some of them took the skills they had learned,  and a few war surplus parts and some pre-war cars and began to build the hobby we enjoy today.

Others returned to work, started families and attempted to live the American Dream.   Part of that dream was the American Car  Culture.   Today's Hot Rodders are the sons and daughters, even grandchildren, of those WWII veterans.  Some of them have gone on to serve and fight their own wars.   All of  them tend to look back to the past and attempt to preserve and maybe relive a little of that through their cars.

The little boys who would sit along the road and try to be the first in their group to announce the make and year of the next car coming down the road, still do the same as they walk the rows of cars at Good Guys.   55 Chevy, 51 Ford, 46 Studebaker, Nash Metropolitan, 46 Chevy Pickup, and on and on.

Today we took a few minutes to remember those who have served to protect our way of life and to preserve those memories.

Veterans are well represented here at Good Guys, including our friend Steve (54 Chevy), and Stroker n Ayce would like to thank all of them for their service and their dedication to the custom auto hobby.

Thank you....all who have and are now, serving our nation.

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