Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sometimes you just have to have a sense of humor

Ayce really digs any car that is unusual, weird or where the owner/builder clearly has sanity issues that he has yet to come to grips with.

At a car shoe like the Good Guys PPG National, you see so many of the "classics"  (Tri-five Chevy, Ford Roadster, 68-69 Camaro, GM A body, etc) that the occasional Packard or LS1 powered Rambler get your attention.

Also, any thing with rust, bad paint or old school parts is considered cool.  Chromed engine parts, billet anything, or even the ubiquitous Chevy small block is enough to lose Ayce's attention.

So with that in mind let's look at some cars seen at Columbus that caused the needle on Ayce's  Meter of Cool to swing towards the red line.

Gremlin X

Rat Rod Chic
Skull radiator cap,
 Reenforcing wire grill
No. 10 tin can air cleaner

Gremlin trivia:  
Two future U.S. presidents drove AMC Gremlins during their younger days.
"Bill Clinton drove the back roads of Northwest Arkansas in his green AMC Gremlin" during his 1974 campaign for the only attempt he made for a seat in the United States Congress.
An AMC Gremlin with a Levi interior was owned by the George H. W. Bush family and driven by George W. Bush in 1973 while getting his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree

Small Block powered, slammed 1951 Willys Army Jeep

 All out Auto Cross race truck..RU Faster Than a Redneck
Everything about this truck is high performance racing equipment - except the body

1956 Chevy Black and White - with Bubble Gum machine

This is the way to make an un-cool four door cool.   Dig the door logo.

Sick Boy will make coffin shaped fuel cells, and other macabre car parts

Fuel Cell in his truck.

Bullet holes are real - not the cheap, artificial stock on one from from the store.

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