Wednesday, July 10, 2013

If it's Broke; Fix It - and Thanks Ride Tech


Today's trip included a stop at Ride Tech, manufacturers of specialized shocks and suspension parts.  The Stroker Buick arrived at their shop in Jasper, IN and hour or so ahead for the rest of the Good Guys tour group. 

Good thing we had the extra time, the Buick Special had developed a couple of issues on the way down from Toledo.  First,  Stoker got a little impatient on the road and made a high speed pass of a slow car and right after that, the speedometer started acting goofy, like it had sheared a gear tooth or something, and we started to hear an exhaust leak.

Borrowing a jack, jack stands and a couple of hand tools from the friendly guys at Ride Tech, the boys commenced a parking lot repair to disconnect the speedo cable to prevent further damage and found the bolts holding the new headers to the collector pipes had loosened and all three on the right side were nutless.    Ride Tech donated some lock washers and new nuts and the boys managed to get the headers tightened up again with only minor burns.

Two Rich Tech guys, John and Rodney agreed to take a few minutes and weigh the car to confirm the some previous suspension numbers.   Stroker was heartbroken to learn his baby weighed in at 4100 pounds, a good 500 pounds more than the reading he was given previously.  Sounds like the Buick needs a diet.  And for  your information,  neither Ayce or Stroker was in the car when it was weighed.

All seems good now -  we are using a speedometer app on the smart phone to track our speed and mileage. 

Ride Tech pulled out all the stops today for the Good Guys.   The staff drove their own street rods to work, 
Employee Parking

More Employee Parking
And  gave us tours of their fabrication and development shop, their shipping warehouse and a rare look in the Toy Shop.   We saw a 69 Camaro in the final stages of fabrication. Over 5000 hours have already been put in to build and customize this one-of -a kind car.

Here are some views from inside the Toy Shop.

Lastly, Ride Tech put on the feed bag.   They provided BBQ, hamburgers, homemade salads and side and apple pie an ice cream to the Guy Guys Tour group, Ride Tech employees and their families.  

Thanks again Ride Tech.   You make a great product and do it with great people.

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