Friday, July 26, 2013

Notes from Eldora

 We've been home a day or two,  and it's time to post some thoughts on the Eldora NASCAR Truck race

1.  These people know to take care of their customers:
         Parking:  Never have I attended a large event with better traffic control before and after.    We got to the track early, but there were dozens of  people directing traffic into parking places.  And after the race, they had the traffic patterns organized so each parking lot went a different direction on the local country roads, so that we ere out of the lot and on the road within 10 minutes of the end of the race.  And never seemed like we were in a traffic jam

           Prices:  I'm sure that NASCAR had some say in the ticket price,  but $40 for reserved seats isn't bad if you have looked at  prices for an NFL game, concert tickets or the $150+ they get for the Indy 500.  Concession prices were reasonable too.    $2.00 beer, $2.50 hamburger, and $4.50 for a pork tenderloin as big as a dinner plate.

           Pottys:  With a big crowd things can get messy.   But big clean restrooms and dozens of Porta-Johns took care of nature's needs with out much fuss

          The show:    The racing was great, everything went off on schedule, and once qualifying runs started at 5:00 pm there was constant action on the track until the feature ended at 11:30 pm.  A couple of late model heat races and a feature filled in the gaps in the truck program.  (and the late models made the trucks look slow.

2. NASCAR reached a lot of old and new fans by putting on a show in the dirt.  Lots of interest, a sell-out crowd and great racing made this one a winner for NASCAR.   There is no way the Brickyard 500 at Indy this weekend matches any of the excitement we experienced at Eldora.

3. Next Year.  NASCAR will have to repeat this event in the future.   If they do,   Stroker n' Ayce already plan to be there.   We'll try to get seats on the north terrace where we can put up out lawn chairs and coolers.  And a full tailgate party, both pre- and post-race is a must.

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