Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Car Next Door - 6.4.11

The car next door at the Best Western in Cocoa Beach is a 1968/69 Camaro Z/28 owned by Keith Liveley of Morris, Al.

It's been a quite a trip for our neighbor from Alabama. Since leaving Alabama, Keith has had to replace a battery, a fuel pump and add an electronic fan to keep the motor cool.  And an when he got to Cocoa Beach, he had a blown head gasket.

When Strokr n' Ayce got to Cocoa they found Keith and his friends deep into the motor.  The heads were off the car and the crew was fixin' to fix the car.

Heads on the sidewalk

Car parts in the motel room

Car: 1968 Camaro Z/28 with 1968 Camaro features; Blown 405 ci
Location:  Morris, AL
Owner: Kieth Liveley

Reassembled motor

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