Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hot Rod Power Tour Day One - Cocoa Beach, FL

The first official day of the Hot Rod Power Tour kicked off today with a car show at Cocoa Beach, FL.

The best way to describe the scene is to ask you to picture a county fair, and replace all of the commercial displays for hot tubs and kitchen gadgets with automotive performance vendors.  And replace all of the cow, pig and chicken displays with cars.  Lots of cars.   Old and new cars, fast cars and plain cars, pretty cars and ugly cars, really cool cars and WTF cars.  

The only thing missing is the carnival thrill rides, and many of the cars here are thrill rides in themselves.

Some pics from Cocoa Beach.

And some of the cars.

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Some old cars here

VW Bug Limo

Gremlin Why?


  1. What's Jeff driving? Last time he drove a black velvet, low ridin, hot rod, so low ridin that his oil pan almost didn't make it with a road construction drop off in pavement, during another Hot Rod Power Tour.

    Did the ole Kennywood Park Bullet car make it this time?

  2. Looks like a little plowing has been going on in that 89 Corvette. The front license plate is showing signs of it.