Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Car Next Door - Indianapolis & Muskegon

   Today's Car Next Door is a 1924 T-Bucket Roadster owned and built by Ironhead Mike Weirich.     Mike found the Roadster in a barn where it had been stored for years after an incident that resulted in a bent axle and other damage. Mike installed a Chevy small-block he had rebuilt years ago, coupled to a T-350 auto transmission.  The car is stopped by manual drum brakes and runs capped lakes pipes and radial tires on steel wheels.

It's not so much that it is a pretty cool car, or that it is so well built by a young man, or that Mike is part of the Toledo gang on the tour, but because of the attention the car and it's driver get whether on the road or in the parking lot.

 Mike got his Ironhead nickname today, when he drove the T-bucket over 50 miles through heavy showers on the Power Tour.

After surviving the rain, he was faced with running 60+ MPH directly into a 25 MPH wind.  The winds blew off his hat and goggles.  Both were recovered, but the goggle lenses did not survive their encounter with a truck tire.

The other fancinating feature of Mike's car, is how is it attracted the attention of the spectaors at the car show.

  Surrounded by hundreds of cool and interesting cars, the T-Bucket always drew a crowd.

Ayce took the following pictures of spectators looking over Mike's car in just over 20 minutes this afternoon.


Nice motor

It would be fun to drive

Skinhead love

Little kid love


I'll leave you if you even think about one of these

Remember when I had one like it

Honey, it does have a trunk

Don't even think about it

I could build one of these....

How do you drive this in the rain?


I would add a little weight in the front end

With this car, I could get girls

Please Daddy?

Group love

Sneakin' a look

Two more wheels than my Harley

Father daughter love

No tighter fit than my jeans

Reminds me of the car I had in high school - in '47

Father son love

Mom, Dad...look at this old car!

Looks like a toy

Family love

When I get my driver's license.....

Everyone is looking

Looks like fun

More little kid love

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