Thursday, June 2, 2011


Grandpa Ayce took the boys to see the "real Florida" tonight for dinner.  The Black Hammock Restaurant  in Oviedo, FL is "real Florida"     Way out of town, on Lake Jesup you will find the Black Hammock.   A restaurant, water front bar, ramshackle boat docks, launch ramp, Airboat ride consession and real live alligators, both in the bar (caged) and in the lake (not caged).

We feasted on catfish and gator.  And it was good!

Ayce really liked the Gator and ate gator bites both plain and blackened.  For the uninitiated, fried gator looks and tastes like chicken nuggets, but with the chewiness of a garden hose.  Not the cheap vinyl garden hose, but the good rubber ones.   It takes some chewing, but that makes the gator flavor last longer.

Washed the gator bites down with a new (to us) beer...Shocktop.   Tasty and unfiltered.  Strokr thought it looked a bit like a urine sample that had sit too long.
Ignoring Strokr's tasteless comments, Ayce enjoyed a couple of tall, cold glasses of Shocktop beer.

Grandpa Ayce, Ayce and Strokr - waiting for our catfish and gator dinners    

More pictures from the Black Hammock on Lake Jesup, FL


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