Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hot Rod Power Tour - Indianapolis

No post from Indianapolis, as no internet was available from our lodging last night. Strokr n' Ayce stayed with Randy and Ronda while in Indy.  Randy and Ronda have been making their home available to race fans who attend races held at the Speedway.  They have created a dormatory in their basement, all done up in checkered flag bedspreads and curtains, for visiting race fans.  Strokr has been staying with them for several years for the Indy 500 race in May.

Randy and Rhonda are great hosts, and have become great friends to race fans who have visited their home.

The Power Tour venues are starting to get a bit  routine, and Indy was no exception.   The weather was hot, the cars were abundant, and the vendor displays and main stage activities were familiar.   What was unique at Indianapolis was the opportunity to drive one lap of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The lap was arranged and paid for by the Coker Tire Company. Strokr n' Ayce would like to thank Coker Tire for making the track lap possible.

Our shot at the One Lap of Indy  came after waiting more than an hour to get into line, and then entering the track on the back stretch and starting our lap at about 5 MPH. 

We came down the front stretch between the stands and in front of pit road at a little higher speed. At the end of turn one, the track official indicated we could move a along a little faster. Strokr used the opportunity to hammer down the Corvette and got into 3rd gear at over 100 mph before our lap ended.  It was a good way to cap our visit to Indy.

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