Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Strokr gets stroked - driving GM Proving Grounds

Any car nut could not get excited visiting a facility like the GM Milford Proving Grounds. Fantasizing  what they would do here, driving on the pristine and challenging roads and test tracks if only those in charge would turn their backs and let us go.

 Well, a little of that happened on the last day of the power tour.  Long haulers got to drive through the Proving Grounds, and there were opportunities, especially on the road course to open thing up a bit and begin to push the car to it's limits.

Strokr got so excited driving his Corvette through the twists and bank turns that Ayce was concerned that Strokr would wet his pants.  Actually, Ayce was just trying to hang on with one hand and take pictures with the other.

Some pictures from our trip through the GM Proving Grounds, so Strokr can relive the moment.

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