Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hot Rod Power Tour - Valdosta, GA

Nice trip from Cocoa Beach to Valdosta today.  Strokr n' Ayce left early in the morning and took a bit different route than the one published for the Power Tour.

We stayed on FL-100 and US-41 from Ormond Beach, through Lake City to Valdosta.

Great road, smooth pavement, light traffic and nearly no stops or turns in close to 200 miles of driving.  Lots of Florida pine and scrubby farms along the way.

A nice drive with the top down in the Corvette.

Big story today is the heat. It topped 100 degrees, so the boys delayed going the the South Georgia Motor Sports Park until late in the afternoon.  Preferring to take a little nap in the cool/cold A/C of our Hawthorne Suites motel room.

In the heat you have to find creative ways to stay cool.

Not shown in the picture is these boys were sitting under a bumper hitch mounted umbrella, with their generator powered A/C and fan.

Lastly, not every car on the Power Tour is fast or beautiful.   There is an F-150 here with the words "Plan B - driving is better than reading about it" in the back window".  Also spotted a Kia with "Plan C" written in the back window.    I guess their cars weren't ready to go.

But this one was:

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