Friday, June 3, 2011

From Dead on Arrival to It's Alive!

1100 miles and 18 hours of  driving over 2 days and the Strokr 'Vette was running strong.    Problem was , our destination was 1114 miles from Toledo.

What started as a mild stumble upon acceleration, rapidly progressed to a vibration, a noticeable miss in the engine, to a stall at a red light, to backfiring through the exhaust, and finally to a great "sneeze" of white smoke from under the hood.

We pulled into the gated community where Grandpa Ayce lives with the 'Vette bucking and snorting.  Strokr was revving the motor to keep it from stalling.  The motor roared and exhaust exploded.

The 'Vette was making sounds like a Southside Youngstown gang fight.

The boys from Ohio made quite an impression in this quiet community as we drove down winding streets looking at 100s of similar houses, trying to find Grandpa's house.   Neighbors were ducking for cover.

One last explosive backfire and the 'Vette rolled into the garage and expired.

Dead on Arrival - at Longwood, Florida

It's Alive!

Four trips to Auto Zone, one visit each to Advance Auto and Car Quest, and an overnight delivery from Summit Racing and we gathered enough parts and tools to attempt a repair.   The boys pulled their resources to seek advice from a network of car guys, and local mechanic, and the Interwebs. 

(The advice found on the forums of HOTRODDERS.COM about GM ignition failures was very helpful.  Thank you IgnitionMan.)

Gear Head Alert .......

 The fuel pressure tested OK at 55 psi and the ignition module tested "failed".  A new module was installed, with no fire and spark on a grounded plug wire.  Replaced the cap, rotor, removed the MSD box , and thought to have the newly purchased module checked - and it WAS BRAND NEW AND BAD!,  and the only one in stock at Auto Zone.   

With crossed fingers Strokr turned the key, and the motor lit up and lit up strong.

The boys are feeling much better, Strokr is breathing again, the car sounds good.   We're heading to Port Canaveral tomorrow morning to join the Hot Rod Power Tour.

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  1. Who's the tall dark handsome Mechanic fixin the car?