Friday, June 10, 2011

Wrecks and Repairs

Not every car joining the Power Tour is going to finish on its own power.

Ayce personally has talked to people who have repaired, rebuilt or replaced:
head gaskets,
ignition components,
transmission lines
fuel pumps

To assist Power Tour Participants having car problems, GM Performance Division travels with an old Army Ambulance that is equipped with repair parts and tools. 

GM Techs even service Mustangs
 They set up a tent at each stop and GM Technicians will repair what they can on site.


                                                         Some cars break so badly that they make the trip home on a trailer. This woody station wagon finished the tour on a U-Haul trailer with a broken engine block.     

And there are accidents.

  Caprice wagon meets deer on the way to join the power tour. 

And unfortunately, some may not make it home at all.  
This Mustang went for a bad ride during the rains on Thursday.

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