Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The car next door .... 6.7.11

Feature car today is an MGA owned by Jeb Blanchard of Colliersville, TN. 

 Jeb has owned the MGA since 1978, and in 2005 decided to build it into something a little different.

This MGA has a 4.2 liter GM V-6, Chevy 10 bolt rear end, and a Mustang II front suspension.

The car also features suicide doors, digital dash and flared rear fenders.  And a matching trailer constructed from the remnants of another MGA.

Maybe the best feature is the complete removal of the Lucas, Price of Darkness wiring.  But Jeb says that the car is sometimes still haunted by the ghost of Lucas, when the electronics fail.

(If you, like Ayce,  have ever owned a British car, you need to click on the links above.)

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