Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hot Rod Power Tour - Nashville, Tennessee

The Power Tour came to Nashville today and set-up in the parking lots at LP Field, home of the Tennessee Titans.

Being in the Music City brought a couple of additions that weren't seen at the previous stops.  First, Gibson Guitars brought their promotion trailer containing many historic  and demonstration guitars.

 Ayce was a bit disappointed that there was not a bass guitar in sight.   If there had been, maybe he would have laid down a little funk.

Secondly, the band Killer Bees performed on the main stage. Playing a mix of country, blues and rock standards, they entertained the crowds.  Two interesting things about the band.  First, the band members all work for Holley Performance Products, of Bowling Green, KY. Secondly, they featured a 15 year old on lead vocals who has the chops of a young George Thorogood.   The young man is the son of a Holly manager, and you may hear from him in the future.

The motorsport for the day was AutoCrossing, where cars run through a course consisting of several tight corners marked by cones, and try to see who can complete the course in the shortest time, without hitting the cones.

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