Monday, June 6, 2011

Hot Rod Power Tour - Montogomery Motorsports Park

Strokr n' Ayce traveled with the Hot Rod Power Tour today from Valdosta, GA to Montgomery, AL.

In contrast the solo run made yesterday, we traveled with a pack of HRPT cars all the way today.

There is a lot of waving and head nods of recognition as the tour cars pass each other on the highway.
We passed through several small towns today.  In many cases people stopped what they were doing to watch the cars pass by and wave.
 In a couple of locations,  local Hot Rodders brought out their own cars, set up a tent and lawn chairs and watched the Power Tour cars pass by
Plains, Georgia, home of Jimmy Carter, 39th US President, was one of the pretty little towns that the Power Tour passed through today.
Click to read the sign in downtown Plains, GA

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