Sunday, June 5, 2011

Liscensed to Thrill

Hot Rodder's want their cars to be unique, and to show some personality.  Even the license plates are individualized to match the owner or the car.

Some vanity plates seen in the lots at the South Georgia Motor Sports Park in Valdosta, GA.

Dodge Viper

90? Impala SS

Mustang drag car - in cop car colors

67 Camaro

68 Z/28

48 Chev Truck Street Rod

65 Nova SS

Chevrolet Belair

Buick 455 Powered El Camino

1964 Barracuda

Ownership issues?   70 Chevelle

Ford Truck

Yellow Charger

I dunno - lost the car info

2006 Pontiac GTO


65 Mustang

Chevy Impala

Note: Model years given above are my best guess -  I may be off a year or two.

Please don't write me to tell me I guessed wrong. 

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