Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Long Haulers Awards

Saturday, the final day of the 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour brought all of the cars, drivers and passengers who had made the full trip from Cocoa Beach to Detroit.

The Long Haulers gathered at the GM Milford Proving Grounds to receive their awards and to see who gets to win the prizes. 

Long Haulers taking pictures of the cars

Long Haul cars gathered at Black Lake, GM Proving Grounds

 Our estimate was that about 1500 cars made the full trip.

Two new GM Performance Division crate motors and a 2011 Chevy Camaro convertible were awarded to three lucky long haulers...neither Strokr nor Ayce had their names called.     

Some pictures of the Long Haul cars...

Ayce n' Strokr   1989 Corvette  w/ 383 cid

Chevy Pick-up

Custom Suburban

Street Rod Truck

Studebaker on a Blazer chassis

1948 Dodge cab-over

1968 VW Beetle - diver by two teenage girls

Old Camaro
New Camaro

Classic Street Rod

Corvette C3 w/ awesome paint job

1970's Chevys

1960's Corvair Van

Saws-All Chevy "Convertible"  

1968 Shelby Mustang
198? Olds Diesel w/ homemade bumper and brushguard

Madza RX-7 w/ Rotary motor

Street Rod - w/ Mazda diesel motor 45+ MPH
The Power Tour is all about the experience;  driving, meeting people and sharing a love of motor vehicles...in all of their forms.    Future posts will explore the variety of vehicles that people brought to see and be seen at the Power Tour

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